Posted on: July 2, 2011

[Matt] Kerean and Maia were discharged from the hospital on Wednesday, June 29, 2011. Since then we have been working on establishing our routine, keeping Maia on a feeding schedule while Kerean continues to recuperate. I’ve read that one of the most important and difficult skills required for sailors who race single-handed around the globe is the ability to function fully, even in an emergency, while getting no more than 2 hours’ sleep at a time, for weeks on end. I now understand that the same skill is required of new parents.

Both mom and baby are doing well. We have been making daily visits to the pediatrician or hospital lab to monitor Maia’s weight and jaundice. These are routine checks for a preemie, and we regard them as our first “family outings” where we get to practice putting Maia in the car and showing her off to complete strangers. Maia has evoked the nickname “peanut” from several different people independently, including her mom, her pediatrician, and a lab technician. Even the doctors can’t stop saying how cute Maia is — which is flattering because they see a LOT of babies.

The gallery below shows some of our favorite photos from these first few precious days home as a family. Click on a photo to see it enlarged.


1 Response to "Maia@home"

wow, i can’t function properly even after 8 hours of sleep ! u guys are amazing. ’twas so good to see her again ! can’t wait till she starts throwing tantrums 😛

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