Christmas Card Photo “Outtakes” — Week 32

Posted on: December 26, 2014

[Matt] On December 14 we posed for our Christmas card family photo by our front door. We also took these photos of Maia and Mommy’s 32-week belly.

Week32A Week32B Week32C Week32D

Nuggetto has been growing steadily. She moves all the time. We all can feel her easily from the outside — often Mommy’s belly will visibly shift around. She very much enjoys riding in a car, this invariably generates lots of movement. The Friday after Thanksgiving, Gram (and Zeyde) babysat Maia while Kerean and I went to the symphony, and there we learned that Nuggettoo loves live, classical music, too.

While Kerean hardly looks pregnant from the back, for awhile now she has found that everywhere she goes her belly attracts attention. People (well, other women anyway) do not shy away from asking “When are you due?” and cannot hide their surprise at the answer (for the record — February 4). She’s even been asked, on multiple occasions, “are you having twins?” It never ceases to amaze me how free some people feel to ask such marginally appropriate questions and to make body comments to pregnant women.

Obviously Kerean looks amazing, but she has become a bit sensitive about her belly size, not out of concern for her appearance, but out of some worries about the prospects for delivery. Maia was born early, as an emergency Caesarian, and Kerean never went into labor. It’s looking as though Nuggettoo will be significantly bigger than Maia was. Still an open question whether this pregnancy will go full-term (we are starting to wonder if the due date is right).

Kerean is a champ, but at this point she is starting to tire more easily and feel as if she can’t possibly get any bigger. On Christmas Eve she began more than a week of forced vacation (since she works at a university), and this was sorely needed. I expect it will be hard for her to go back to work in January, but I also suspect she won’t have to go back for long — hopefully just long enough to finish training the temp who will be filling in for her during her maternity leave. That’s right, Kerean is now so indispensable at her job that they will need to bring in outside help while she’s away!


4 Responses to "Christmas Card Photo “Outtakes” — Week 32"

Karean you look beautiful!!!!!! I am already getting the same comments about my belly and I am only 5 months, it floors me that women are ok with telling me I look big???? I am just very excited for you and your amazing beautiful family!!! Best of luck to you and can’t wait to hear about nuggetoos arrival!!!!!!!

Thank you, Lauren! It’s like women become “community property” when they are pregnant. Under normal circumstances people don’t feel comfortable saying hello to you just because, but be pregnant, and everyone stops to say something to you, about you or to touch you (well, your belly). I actually don’t mind chatting to people who ask generally but I have to admit, this time around, it’s a bit much. I cannot go anywhere without someone commenting or stopping me to ask if I am having twins or if I am due any day now. I have gotten a bit weary of answering questions due to the apparent immensity of my belly. I am making a human being. Isn’t it obvious?

Kerean, you are glowing and looking beautiful as always!! Love the pictures ( and the shoes 🙂

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