Kira at Four and Five Months

Posted on: July 24, 2015

[Kerean] The happiest baby on planet earth is now five months old! Kira, affectionately called KiKi by her big sister, is truly the world’s happiest baby. I don’t think it’s possible for a baby to be happier so it only stands to reason that Kira is the happiest and therefore easiest of all babies.

Whenever we take her anywhere, it’s inevitable that we are asked (usually by other parents with babies and/or small kids), “does Kira ever cry?” Our even-tempered, giggly baby has spoiled us rotten! Don’t tell anyone that she is also a great sleeper because then she’ll just be too perfect!

In this post I am adding both her four- and five-month pictures. I will start with the five-month picture since that’s her now. So what is Kira doing at this stage? Here are the noteworthy milestones:

  • She is mimicking! Mostly yelling when her big sister does in their game of monster.
  • She has started on solids and has developed quite the repertoire of foods she loves to eat —avocado, pear, cereal, peas and carrots. We have discovered that she is allergic to bananas. Coincidentally, that’s the one fruit Maia has never liked!
  • She is sitting up! Well, we help her into the sitting position but once there, she stays there and is elated! She just loves sitting up and looking around from that position. Great vantage point to play with her feet and toys.
  • She has total control over putting anything she is holding into her mouth.
  • She no longer stays put when put down. Recently, she was put down and within a short time ended up under her swing where she proceeded to play with it from below with her feet. That must have been so fascinating to learn that she can cause the movement of an object.

Here is our happy and youngest girl at five months old:

Kira at Five Months Old

Kira at Five Months Old

Kira a month earlier. What a difference a month makes in a baby’s growth and development! Seeing this reminds me of why we write this blog. For our own chronicling of all these wonderful milestones and experiences with our girls but also to share with them when they are older.

Kira at Four Months Old

Kira at Four Months Old

Outtake: Kira discovers her sticker. If I were to add another picture, it would be of one where it goes right to her mouth!

"What's this thing sticking to my fingers?"

“What’s this thing sticking to my fingers?”


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