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Week22 [Matt] Here’s another back-dated post…

We spent the weekend before Kerean’s birthday at Huntington Beach. I took this photo on our hotel balcony at sunset. Maia was cuddling up to her baby sister and sporting her brand-new Frozen watch (it sings the last stanza of “Let It Go” when she presses a button).

This was right in the middle of the second trimester “honeymoon period,” and Kerean was feeling good. We took walks along the beach and played in the surf.


[Matt] Four years ago, we began this blog with 3 photos of Kerean’s growing belly. This was our official announcement to the world that Maia — whom we called “Nugget” while in utero — was on her way.

Well, it’s no secret now that Maia’s little sister will arrive before too long, and it is past time to give “Nuggettoo” some space on these pages. To my younger daughter: Sweetheart, we did not mean to spend less time chronicling your Mommy’s pregnancy with you compared to our previous experiences with Maia. It’s just that, during the first pregnancy, we did not already have a child to chase after, so we were less busy! But Mommy and I already love you, and we promise that these next few posts are going to be great, and they are going to be about you. You are going to have all the important stuff here to look back on, just like Maia does.

We have taken photos of Kerean’s growing belly this time around, and here are the first three. The first two show either side of the transition from 1st to 2nd trimesters, and the third shows the “halfway belly” at 20 weeks—and didn’t Kerean look amazing?

Week12A Week14


Like the first time, Kerean avoided nausea, but she was very, very fatigued during the first half of the pregnancy. From my viewpoint in the cheap seats, the mood swings were worse this time around. Occasionally epic. But that’s in the past now, as I write this post in the 34th week, so we won’t go there…

More coming very soon. Stay tuned!

Left: Kerean on an intermediate slope. Don't try this at home, especially if pregnant. Right: That cloud over Mt. Rainier is supposed to herald rain. It started raining the next day.

[Matt] All of the pregnancy books and most obstetricians warn strongly against alpine skiing while pregnant. The risk of a harmful fall is too great, a pregnant woman’s balance is off, etc. I wonder if any of those folks actually ski? But before we told my mom about the pregnancy, she got us a very thoughtful Christmas gift of lift passes to the Crystal Mountain ski resort in Washington. (Note to us: post the whole Christmas story soon!) As Mom knew, we had planned to spend the first week of 2011 vacationing in Seattle and nearby gorgeous landscapes. Once we were there, we couldn’t bear to miss the opportunity to experience West Coast skiing. On what turned out to be the last clear day of our stay there (maybe the last clear day in January–can anyone in Seattle confirm this?), we drove out to Crystal for a delightful day on the totally uncrowded slopes (it was a Tuesday). We took it easy, only greens and blues for Kerean, a long, delicious lunch break at the Summit House restaurant, the highest restaurant in Washington State (6,872 feet) at the top of the gondola (with the amazing view of Mt. Rainier shown above). And no, Kerean didn’t once come close to wiping out. She’s really a very strong skier! And at 12 weeks her belly was hardly big enough to throw off her balance. It was definitely a highlight of our trip, a great, fun day. Sometimes, you just gotta break the rules.

In case you were wondering, our due date is 21 July, 2011.

OK, our friends and family are all over the place, all over the globe. We decided that this would be a nice way of bringing you along to share in our pregnancy experiences. Oh. My. God. We’re having a baby. It’s just about sinking in. Getting real. Both of us are still a bit worried that somehow this could all just evaporate, or something could go wrong. But so far, so good. For pretty much the entire first trimester we had to pinch ourselves to remember what was going on. Kerean was spared all that classic morning sickness stuff, so it was easy to pretend, at times, that she wasn’t pregnant. But there were some interesting cravings (pizza again? this is DEFINITELY Matt’s kid). And she was (is?) tired alot. Yeah, MBA students are supposed to be tired, but Kerean was actually SLEEPING.

At this point, Kerean’s belly is definitely growing, so no more denial. Time to get happy and spread the news.





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