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[Matt] Kira (KEER-ah) Veronica Povich was born on Thursday, January 29 2015 at 3.29 PM PST, at the Ontario Medical Center in Ontario, CA. She was born one week before her due date, weighed 10 lbs, 9.7 oz (no joke) and measured 22″ in length.

Her size was not the result of any medical issue or complication, nor was she overdue. Kerean had a healthy, picture-perfect (pun intended) pregnancy and textbook caesarian delivery (because of Kira’s size, a no other delivery option was available). Big sister Maia and Aunt Lydia visited Kira in the hospital the day after she was born, and Mommy and baby were released and came home the day after that. As I write this, Kira is not quite 3 days old (and Maia is 3 and a half years old). Kira is upstairs with her Mommy and Maia, Lydia, and I are downstairs watching The Incredibles. I am feeling that I have a family of superheroes myself!

Here are my favorite pictures from the hospital, from when Kira was weighed and measured at <1/2 hour old to Maia and Lydia’s visit the following day. I think these speak for themselves.


[Kerean] Hanging with my favorite girl…

Giving her a kiss and she kisses too...

Giving her a kiss and she kisses at the camera…


[Kerean] My birthday this year was one to remember. We went away on a nice family weekend together by the beach, which was relaxing and a lot of fun. We played and hung out on Huntington Beach, Maia and Matt enjoyed the “water park” at the hotel, and we capped things off with delicious food.

Going home and baking my birthday cake with Maia was really a highlight that perfectly wrapped up my birthday celebration for 2014.

Baking with Maia weint something like this:

“Can I taste it?”
“When can I taste it?”
“When can I eat it all up?”
“Is it done baking yet?”
“This is so yummy Mommy!”

The recipe is my go-to vegan cake recipe I bake every year for Maia’s birthday.

She started out icing the cake but quickly got more interested in eating it than spreading it on the cake as you can see from most of the photos that follow:
MamaMaia's Birthday Cake

photo 2

photo (2)

photo 3

The end product but something was missing...

The end product but something was missing…

Maia insisted on decorating it with dinosaurs.

Ah, yes, dinosaurs!

[Kerean] Maia as Abby Cadabby. Enjoy the snapshots!

At the Montesorri school's Halloween party with a schoolmate.

At the Montesorri school’s Halloween party Maia meets her schoolmate.

All the kids could participate in the live band. Maia liked the drums.

All the kids could participate in the live band. Maia liked the drums.

Another friend from her school

Another friend from her school

Maia_Abby Cadabby in Band



Maia's Mater and Birthday Pumpkin

Maia’s Mater Halloween Birthday Pumpkin

Us with one of her Teachers,. Ms Lopez

Us with one of her Teachers, Ms Lopez

Pumpkin spotting

Pumpkin spotting

Yoda doing what Yoda does while Abby Cadabby attempts to open up her first ever Starburst.

Yoda doing what Yoda does while Abby Cadabby attempts to open up her first ever Starburst.

Flying Abby Cadabby

Flying Abby Cadabby

Flying bare feet

Flying bare feet

[Kerean] Today marks Maia’s first day of pre-school. After researching options in our area, we decided that the International Montessori school within a few short miles from our home was the best fit for us. During our visits, it felt comfortable and “homey” while also feeling like a school. Maybe it’s because the little kids plant their own garden in the back and get to eat the produce that comes from it. Or perhaps, it’s because the school was once a house now converted into a school house.

At the entrance to her pre-school on her first day (7/1/13).

At the entrance to her pre-school on her first day.

Everyone that we know, their friends and their friends’ friends, had nothing but praise for this school and the people who run it. I hope this will also be our experience. Some parents even end up working at the school and continue to volunteer even after their kids have graduated. I am looking forward to getting involved to keep this tradition of support going strong.

On our two pre visits, Maia didn’t want to leave. This was also a good sign but we were there with her the whole time. It was clear that she felt very comfortable and welcomed there. This morning however, when Matthew and I dropped her off together, she wasn’t too keen on the idea of being left there. When it was time for us to leave, she said, “bye Mommy” and I gave her a hug and kiss. When we both started walking away saying goodbye, it dawned on her that we were both leaving. She started to cry. It lasted a whole 5 seconds. She stopped the minute we were out of sight. Looking back through the window too see her laughing away with her teacher, it was clear she had already forgotten about us leaving (or just not letting it bother her as much not being able to change it). Seeing her laughing made me feel better about having to leave her.

Matthew and I, for the first time in our lives and life together, proceeded in separate cars (east and west respectively on highway 10) to work like most working families in America do everyday. This is new for us. Our new normal.

I am looking forward to picking up Maia and learning all about her day! Everyday.

[Kerean] I love Mother’s Day. It’s hard not to feel special. I don’t think I will ever forget the first one (2012). Silly me for not posting about it last year. Something tells me they get even better with time. I am looking forward to all the future cards and hand-written messages from Maia.

Maia is so special I get a day every year where everyone tells me happy Mother’s Day. People do very nice things for me just because of her. Okay, maybe it’s really because I take great care of her and people are acknowledging that. Who wouldn’t be inspired to be their best for MaiaBear? I can’t think of anyone! She is pretty darn inspiring.

I had a lovely MamaMaia’s weekend.

Here are some special things that happened:

Surprised with beautiful flowers from the most thoughtful Maia auntie and uncle: Scott and Abby.

Mother's Day Flowers


On Saturday, Matthew, the best father Maia could have hoped for, took us out to dinner overlooking the valley at sunset. We only managed to snap this picture of Maia and I at the end of dinner. What I think is a perfect capture for MamaMaia’s Day!



Sunday, on MamaMaia’s Day, we took a bike ride with friends to the top of the Cogswell Dam. Temperatures were in the 90s. We couldn’t get to their pool for a much needed cool off quickly enough after our 15-mile ride. We had a lovely lunch all together afterwards. It was a great end to a wonderful weekend.

Mother's Day Bike Ride

It's NOT MamaMaia but BabaMaia is wonderful too.

It’s NOT MamaMaia but BabaMaia is wonderful too.

Mother's Day Bike Ride - Group

Thanks to all my wonderful friends and family all over the globe who called, text, emailed and Facebooked me to wish me well on MamaMaia’s Day. Your thoughtful messages made my weekend feel that more special.


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