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[Kerean] Fun fact: Kira didn’t have an official one-month birthday! She was born January 29 and since there were only 28 days in February, we celebrated her first month in early March.

I am committing to photograph her in our blue chair all the way up to her 12th month. I had attempted this with Maia though it appears I am missing her 12th month picture on the blog: https://babypovich.wordpress.com/photography/

Happy first month to our beautiful Kira who is already seducing us with her cooing and smiles.




[Matt] Kira (KEER-ah) Veronica Povich was born on Thursday, January 29 2015 at 3.29 PM PST, at the Ontario Medical Center in Ontario, CA. She was born one week before her due date, weighed 10 lbs, 9.7 oz (no joke) and measured 22″ in length.

Her size was not the result of any medical issue or complication, nor was she overdue. Kerean had a healthy, picture-perfect (pun intended) pregnancy and textbook caesarian delivery (because of Kira’s size, a no other delivery option was available). Big sister Maia and Aunt Lydia visited Kira in the hospital the day after she was born, and Mommy and baby were released and came home the day after that. As I write this, Kira is not quite 3 days old (and Maia is 3 and a half years old). Kira is upstairs with her Mommy and Maia, Lydia, and I are downstairs watching The Incredibles. I am feeling that I have a family of superheroes myself!

Here are my favorite pictures from the hospital, from when Kira was weighed and measured at <1/2 hour old to Maia and Lydia’s visit the following day. I think these speak for themselves.

Maia has been entertaining a steady stream of family visitors this summer. Here are some overdue photos of Maia with her grandparents (except for Kerean’s father, who lives in Jamaica and has not met Maia yet). Matt’s parents visited when Maia was 3 weeks old.

Maia with her Gram.

Maia with her Zeyde.

Kerean’s mother visited for two weeks in August. This photo was taken when Maia was 6 weeks old.

Maia with her Grandma.

Maia is already two weeks older than when these photos were taken on July 24th.

Photos taken by uncle Scott

Today, July 21st, is Maia’s original due date. Considering that temperatures climbed near 100°F in State College today, we are quite happy that Kerean was no longer pregnant! And we can no longer imagine life without our little peanut. This is what Maia looks like today:

Maia in her Daddy's arms after a bath (7-21-2011)

How much can one tell about what a baby will look like from those ultrasound images? As you’ll recall, we recognized Maia’s distinctive profile and full lips weeks before she was born.

[Matt] Kerean and Maia were discharged from the hospital on Wednesday, June 29, 2011. Since then we have been working on establishing our routine, keeping Maia on a feeding schedule while Kerean continues to recuperate. I’ve read that one of the most important and difficult skills required for sailors who race single-handed around the globe is the ability to function fully, even in an emergency, while getting no more than 2 hours’ sleep at a time, for weeks on end. I now understand that the same skill is required of new parents.

Both mom and baby are doing well. We have been making daily visits to the pediatrician or hospital lab to monitor Maia’s weight and jaundice. These are routine checks for a preemie, and we regard them as our first “family outings” where we get to practice putting Maia in the car and showing her off to complete strangers. Maia has evoked the nickname “peanut” from several different people independently, including her mom, her pediatrician, and a lab technician. Even the doctors can’t stop saying how cute Maia is — which is flattering because they see a LOT of babies.

The gallery below shows some of our favorite photos from these first few precious days home as a family. Click on a photo to see it enlarged.


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