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[Kerean] I can’t believe that our Maia Bear is four years old! As a parent, it seems so much like she is growing up too quickly but in reality, she is still so little – forever our big girl baby. Caution: Don’t ever call her a baby while she is in earshot. You will regret it and she will not skip a beat in correcting you; “I am not a baby!” Or, “I am a big girl and a big sister!” And of course, “I am four years old!”

She is all of the above and very proud of it!

Before her birthday celebration a few weeks ago, I photographed Maia in her birthday outfit; a dress she has since requested to wear around the house just because. It’s a great “spin around dress” and her favorite color.

Maia is 4

Maia at the start of her birthday celebration.

Maia just before her birthday celebration.

Follow up to post:

Unlike previous years, we didn’t take many photos of the party. It wasn’t until the cake that we thought to pick up a camera. Matt snapped these photos that I am adding only to remind Maia of her first birthday cake that wasn’t made by me. For all previous birthdays, I made Maia’s cakes myself since they had to be dairy free. I am most proud of last year’s dinosaur cake!

For her fourth birthday, we got her a fancy vegan cake from Some Crust Bakery. It was huge and delicious!

Maia looks through the mermaid/merman cutout at her cake.

Maia looks through the mermaid/merman cutout at her cake.

It was very windy so the cutout shielded the candles...Maia blows them out!

It was very windy so the cutout shielded the candles…Maia blows them out!

She loves this part - happy birthday song and cake!

She loves this part – happy birthday song and cake!

Excited Maia!

Excited Maia!



[Kerean] I used to have a kind of love affair with my Canon 40D until my busy life got in the way leaving me with very few opportunities to photograph as much as would like. I have been yearning for inspiration that would move me beyond taking pictures with my smart phone.

Even though I am busier than ever and will be even more so after returning to work in a couple short days, I have found just the inspiration I longed for to rekindle my love of photography. Inspiration comes easy when my subjects are my beautiful girls!

This past weekend I got to photograph Maia and Kira wearing their adorable monogrammed shirts gifted to them by their lovely Aunt Abby. There are so many of the shots that I love, I had to dig deep for the discipline to narrow them down to a handful of my absolute favorites.

Looking at Maia and Kira together makes me hopeful that they will, throughout their lives, have the strongest of sister bonds possible.








[Kerean] Fun fact: Kira didn’t have an official one-month birthday! She was born January 29 and since there were only 28 days in February, we celebrated her first month in early March.

I am committing to photograph her in our blue chair all the way up to her 12th month. I had attempted this with Maia though it appears I am missing her 12th month picture on the blog: https://babypovich.wordpress.com/photography/

Happy first month to our beautiful Kira who is already seducing us with her cooing and smiles.



[Kerean] Kira at home at 13 days old.


Kira at 13 Days Old


Kira at 13 Days Old.


Little Sister PJs Maia Picked Out.

Little Sister PJs Big Sister Maia Picked Out.


Kira at 13 Days Old.


[Kerean] Our intelligent, beautiful, generous, fun-loving, funny, brave, kind and assertive girl has added so much joy to our lives the last three years. We can’t believe she is three years old already!

Here she is enjoying a piece of her birthday cake at her party.

These pictures that follow are post birthday pictures of her while we hung out together in Santa Monica.
Maia in Santa Monica

At the Beach

Santa Monica

[Kerean] It was a beautiful day today in Southern California. It was the kind of day that invited you outside for a stroll. I took Maia with me and we ended up walking 3 miles (her in her stroller for half of it). We met a few new “friends” and stopped at the park along the way.

I didn’t think of it before now but I should have taken a photo of just how dirty she got by the time we got back home. Maia had a really fun day today.

She spun around

She spun around.

She ran and skipped

She ran and skipped.

And found a hammer and a rock.

Playing with the hammer and rock a few minutes...

Generally she enjoyed herself exploring and being outside.

[Kerean] Maia spent her first Christmas in Maine last year. It was very eventful getting to Maine from Southern California. Even though we made it ahead of my luggage by two days, had a canceled flight and was greeted by an ice storm that knocked out the electricity for two days, it all made for a very memorable Christmas with our family.

The landscape was transformed into the most beautiful winter wonderland when fresh snow fell after the ice storm.

Here are some pictures taken by Matthew.

Maia got to play with ice and in snow

Maia got to play with ice and in the snow

Maine-12 2013

Maine-11 2013

Maine-10 2013
Looking out at my in-laws’ property

Maine-09 2013
My In-laws’ red barn

Maine-08 2013

Maine-07 2013
Front porch

Maine-06 2013

Maine-05 2013

Maine-04 2013
My In-laws’ drive way

Maine-03 2013

Maine-02 2013

Maine-01 2013

A building on Main Street in Ellsworth, Maine
Maine-00 2013


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