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[Matt] Kerean had her final ultrasound yesterday, and Maia, Lydia (Kerean’s big sis who flew in from Jamaica last week), and I all went along. We didn’t get any images better than last time, but all was looking good, and Maia enjoyed seeing her li’l sis again. Maia has been very patient, but nowadays whenever anyone asks her if she’s looking forward to becoming a big sister she replies “Yeah, but it’s really hard to wait for her!” To Maia, even more than Kerean, this pregnancy must seem as if it’s lasting forever.

But it cannot last much longer. Tomorrow will mark the beginning of Week 38. Today Kerean had an appointment where, among other things, the OB reviewed yesterday’s ultrasound measurements. Bottom line: Our little Nuggettoo isn’t so little, she’s measuring around 10 lbs (4.5 kg)! I hereby rechristen her “Ingot,” which is, as you know, a larger piece of precious metal than a “Nugget.”

Of course, we’ll only get to call her Ingot for a few more days, because after she’s born we’ll choose her real name. Kerean has been told she will now definitely have another C-section birth, thanks to Ingot’s size and the fact that Maia was previously born that way. The back-up date is Thursday, January 29, meaning if Kerean doesn’t go into labor in the next 9 days, she will go in for her scheduled C-section then. Mark your calendars and stay tuned!


[Matt] Today we reached a significant milestone—our first good ultrasound look at Nuggettoo. Our OB ordered this ultrasound to get some new measurements of Nuggettoo’s size and determine if the due date might need to be revised (we won’t know the results of the measurements for at least a couple of days). The ultrasound technician said “this is the most photogenic baby I’ve ever seen” and “I’m not using a 3D ultrasound, but it almost looks like one!” At 34 Weeks, 5 Days, Nuggetto was finally ready for her close-up.

I’ve chosen my 3 favorites from among the 7 prints we took home with us:



As much as I love these images, I wish I had a video of that ultrasound. It was the most amazing one I’ve ever seen.  Nuggetto actually yawned (or whatever passes for a yawn when one is breathing amniotic fluid) and rubbed her eyes. Her movements and expressions were just like … a baby. Today made the impending arrival of our new baby feel much more real to both Kerean and me.

Naming a baby is hard! We feel that we hit it out of the park with “Maia Helena” the first time around. Our friends and family helped us brainstorm using an online poll on this very blog (look back at Maia’s poll). We then chose our top 2 or 3 names and made the final decision when Maia was born (it became crystal clear the first time Matt looked at her).

It’s time to get this process going for Nuggettoo! You may vote for as many names as you like, and even provide a write-in vote. Remember that these can be either first or middle names (you can use the comments section to tell us if you have a preference for particular choices of first versus middle names). HINT: Try saying the full name out loud to see if you like it: “[First Middle] Povich.”

*FINE PRINT: We will not be bound by the poll results, and we will not reveal the name until after she is born.

[Matt] On December 14 we posed for our Christmas card family photo by our front door. We also took these photos of Maia and Mommy’s 32-week belly.

Week32A Week32B Week32C Week32D

Nuggetto has been growing steadily. She moves all the time. We all can feel her easily from the outside — often Mommy’s belly will visibly shift around. She very much enjoys riding in a car, this invariably generates lots of movement. The Friday after Thanksgiving, Gram (and Zeyde) babysat Maia while Kerean and I went to the symphony, and there we learned that Nuggettoo loves live, classical music, too.

While Kerean hardly looks pregnant from the back, for awhile now she has found that everywhere she goes her belly attracts attention. People (well, other women anyway) do not shy away from asking “When are you due?” and cannot hide their surprise at the answer (for the record — February 4). She’s even been asked, on multiple occasions, “are you having twins?” It never ceases to amaze me how free some people feel to ask such marginally appropriate questions and to make body comments to pregnant women.

Obviously Kerean looks amazing, but she has become a bit sensitive about her belly size, not out of concern for her appearance, but out of some worries about the prospects for delivery. Maia was born early, as an emergency Caesarian, and Kerean never went into labor. It’s looking as though Nuggettoo will be significantly bigger than Maia was. Still an open question whether this pregnancy will go full-term (we are starting to wonder if the due date is right).

Kerean is a champ, but at this point she is starting to tire more easily and feel as if she can’t possibly get any bigger. On Christmas Eve she began more than a week of forced vacation (since she works at a university), and this was sorely needed. I expect it will be hard for her to go back to work in January, but I also suspect she won’t have to go back for long — hopefully just long enough to finish training the temp who will be filling in for her during her maternity leave. That’s right, Kerean is now so indispensable at her job that they will need to bring in outside help while she’s away!

How much can one tell about what a baby will look like from those ultrasound images? As you’ll recall, we recognized Maia’s distinctive profile and full lips weeks before she was born.

Me and the amazing man I get to call my husband.

[Kerean] This weekend we went for a “hike” at Rothrock State Park close to our home here in Happy Valley, to check out the stunning blooming mountain laurels. These beautiful wild flowers were everywhere! Literally everywhere in the underbrush the eyes could see throughout the entire forest.  Matt and I have been trying to catch this bloom for the past two years and we have either been too late or too early. We finally got to enjoy them and might consider bringing the baby with us next year. But, only after dipping her in a bath of bug spray!!! 🙂

We also went to Whipple Dam to chill out and have a picnic with our friend Katya. It is here we took our week 35 belly photo and my dear husband got to be in it with me this time.

Babies born at anywhere from 37 to 42 weeks gestation are considered “full-term.” We are currently in week 35. The question burning in our minds, of course, is “when will she arrive?” With a range of 5 weeks beginning 2 weeks from now, it’s anyone’s guess. So, are you feeling clairvoyant? Or just lucky? Take your best shot and vote for the day you predict babypovich will make her appearance!


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